Leads To

Leads to is an interactive simulation of the one tracked mind at play. It shows how one thought leads to another which leads to another ad nauseum. We also encourage you to use it as a creative tool. Chose a random word or type a word as you start. Once you start, you begin creating a word chain. This word chain keeps track of the words you pick. Keep picking words until you feel like you are finished. We challenge you to create a story that uses each of the words that you picked in the same order. Have fun!


Click on or type a word and click on to begin.

Word Chain:

Click on a word that is already in your word chain to undo to that point.

Which leads to...

Click on of of these to add it to your word chain.

Leads To uses associates from study results published in 2004: D. L. Nelson, C. L. Mcevoy, and T. A. Schreiber. The University of South Florida free association, rhyme, and word fragment norms. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, pages 402–407, August 2004.